Anyone who knows me know that I love a good dive bar, and Murphy's is without a doubt a good dive.  Scratch that, Murphy's is a GREAT dive bar.

So you're on the market for a locally owned smoky bar filled with mostly middle-aged locals where cash is king (I think they take credit cards now) and classic rock is playing from a CD player?  Then Murphy's is your place.  It's not a cute, tropical touristy spot by any means.  Actually I'll go so far as to say that Murphy's isn't for the tourist faint of heart.  It is where you go to drink a Budweiser, play darts and pool, and maybe get hit on by a man with a mullet.  Actually my last visit involved a construction worker/nurse - talk about a Rennaisance man.

Strong drinks, colorful characters, this is my kind of beach bar.


Murphy's Tavern, 415 Mallery Street, Saint Simons Island, GA, USA

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