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  • April 19, 2024 6:24 pm local time


Golden Isles Gymnastics is the premier gymnastics facility of The Golden Isles. We have high quality gymnastics teams, exciting recreational classes, fantastic birthday parties, and even open gym times. Classes for all ages, skill levels, and boys too!

​Golden Isles Gymnastics was opened in 2004 by a team of international elite coaches. Our goals were to bring high quality gymnastics to the Golden Isles and to build an outstanding competitive team. Over the past 13 years we have raised over 180 AAU National champions and numerous State and Regional champions as well. Many of our gymnasts have gotten college scholarships, including a gymnast at Ole Miss, two UGA cheerleaders, and a cheerleader at the University of Miami. With all these accomplishments, it’s safe to say we have exceeded our goals.

With an ever-growing recreational program and a trophy winning team, in 2012 we needed an upgrade. We decided to create a facility like no other. We moved to a space four times bigger, so that it could handle all that we needed to accomplish. Construction began with 3 huge foam pits, the first in the city. Safety was our top priority, so we went above and beyond all standard gyms and created in-ground trenches to fit our 2 trampolines and 30ft Tumbl Trak so that they could be at floor level. To match the quality of our athletes and staff, we installed the best professional gymnastics equipment from the top company in the USA. Our preschool program was the place to be, so we built a custom preschool space just for the little ones, with all the same gymnastics equipment, just at a more manageable size. We even have the bounciest trampoline in all of the Golden Isles.

We created the best facility for our talented teams and for our amazing community. With the help of our incredible and talented staff we continue to reach beyond our goals every day. Welcome to GIG.


Golden Isles Gymnastics, Scranton Road, Brunswick, GA, USA

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