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  • April 19, 2024 5:57 pm local time


What's Gowen On?
Why did local restauranteur, Zack Gowen, buy a perfectly good restaurant that has been a favorite community tradition for generations and then proceed to change it?

Precisely because he loved it so much.

Because "perfectly good" is just not good enough for Zack, he took all the best elements of the Georgia Sea Grill and moved it down the block to a larger, brighter, easier-to-find location; brought in the best wine and culinary talents; procured the freshest locally-sourced ingredients; and then re-opened its doors to great fanfare, happy customers and glowing reviews. He made it bigger, brighter, faster and fresher. He made it "Gowen Good."

But still, Zack dreamed that he could make it even better.  So he built Potlikker Farm to grow the freshest sustainable produce; started Three Little Birds Coastal Catering to bring the Georgia Sea Grill fresh flavors out to the community; teamed up with even more Gowens to purchase and update the waterfront event venue, Village Creek Landing; and most recently he has introduced the latest addition, Satilla Ponds, bringing sustainably-farmed catfish to the menu.

So what's next for the GSG family of culinary and event services? Keep watching here to find out just how far this Gowen will go to make sure that he is providing only the best for his community!

Now... how can we make your day even better?


Georgia Sea Grill, 407 Mallery Street, St. Simons, GA, USA

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