For over 25 years, locals and visitors alike have been coming to Cafe Frederica to enjoy the finest island food and our casual, family friendly atmosphere. There is no finer way to start your day than with a Cafe Frederica breakfast. A Saturday morning Cafe Frederica breakfast has become a weekly tradition of many St. Simons Island notable characters. Our lunch is just as good, and gets even better on weekends with favorites which include meatloaf, shrimp and grits, nachos as well as specials.

Owners Tom and Leslie Delaney, who also own and operate Delaney's, a nearby best-on-the-island restaurant, have been in charge of Cafe Frederica since 2004 and have maintained its quality food, service and relaxed, almost-like-home atmosphere. Reviews of Cafe Frederica on social media sites are consistently the highest. It is open 7 days a week from a 7:30 breakfast until the end of a relaxed afternoon late lunch at 2:00. All major credit cards are accepted as well as local checks.


Cafe Frederica, Sylvan Boulevard, St. Simons, GA, USA

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