Hidden beneath the cover of live oaks and Spanish moss, one of Georgia’s oldest cities is waiting to greet you.

Brunswick is the second-oldest city in the 13th American colony and retains much of its original 1771 city plan. Streets named Egmont, Norwich, and Dartmouth still honor the English dukes and earls who championed the creation of Georgia in 1732. The homes and landmarks lining those streets are characters that tell what happened next.

Brunswick Old Town Tours pulls back the curtain on Coastal Georgia’s diamond-in-the-rough city. The hour and a half bike ride through historic Downtown and Old Town Brunswick tells the story of an underdog colonial settlement overcoming hurricanes, epidemics, and economics.

From Native Americans 6,000 years ago, to the fight for who owns the recipe for Brunswick Stew, Brunswick Old Town Tours offers an honest account of the triumphs and shortcomings of one of Georgia’s earliest experiments.


Brunswick Old Town Tours, Monck Street, Brunswick, GA, USA

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